About Us


Our mission is to empower every participant at the Black Box event to gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to start your own business.


Our vision is to inspire you to take immediate and “Super Power” action to create a lifestyle that you and your family will be proud of.


Our goal is to equip you will all the tools and resources needed for your total and uncompromised success in the business world.

Studies have shown…

that a couple that does more activities together not only “love” longer and grow stronger, they also LIVE longer! Dr. Jerry & Mrs. Winter Bobo, affectionately known as “Doc & Winter” are living testimonies to that study and want to share their experience of life, love, and business with other couples.

Being married right at 4 years now and in a relationship for 8 years, Doc & Winter, both agree that their reason for feeling like newlyweds all over every day is because they aren’t just in love, they are friends and flourishing business partners.

With a background in marketing and being a top business producer, a chance meeting allowed Doc and Winter to cross paths getting to know one another. Doc began to teach Winter about marketing, business in general and how to stay driven for success. Winter also brought an extra gear out of Doc and some life balance, to be able to enjoy the fruits of success more.

After being happily married...

for several years now, working successfully in their businesses, the power couple would come across other married couples that smiled at and desired that same type of relationship. This led Doc and Winter to look at not only continuing to grow their business but at the same time help others grow their personal and business relationships. Since then the power couple has met and brought other couples into the business world. Doc said, “now the challenge is how to spend all the money the newly formed power couples are making together”.

This was the reason...

Dr. Jerry and Winter Bobo decided to give other aspiring business couples the opportunity to attend the Black Box Business Development Workshop For Start-Up Entrepreneurs. So many times relationships and marriages suffer as couples are being required to spend more time at work, with some couples working overtime and/or acquire additional part-time jobs to make ends meet. “Bring them together in business… their finances and love more than likely will start thriving versus just surviving”, as mentioned by Winter Bobo.

Dr. Jerry and Winter Bobo...

invite couples who may already be entrepreneurs or simply considering the notion to join the workshop, as a way of personal development, starting and growing a business, improving one’s credit and networking – all as a couple! The Black Box Business Development Workshop For Start-Up Entrepreneurs is Saturday, June 29, 2019, from 10 am – 4 pm at The Bartlett Performing Arts Conference Center, 3863 Appling Road